orbit is designed, hand finished and packaged by very picky people here in the U. S. A.

We are obsessed about sustainable design that doesn't sacrifice quality and workmanship...they go hand in hand... simpatico. orbit is built with abundant, responsibly forested baltic birch plywood that is known and respected for it's quality, hardiness and design qualities. We offer a variety of fun, functional and chic finishes that are safe, durable and recycled. Our materials meet or exceed Title VI and Carb4 requirements.

Easily care for your orbit desktop, tabletop or surface finish with warm water, non-harsh cleaners and a soft cloth or recycled paper products.

The wood sections of orbit components will show small signs of wear and tear...most evidence of life's spills and thrills can be removed with a quick little sanding with 220 grit sandpaper...but hey, it's all about the journey right?