custom design services

Personalize orbit for you

If you are interested in creating a custom look with orbit... you've found the spot!
We offer a range of custom and personalizing options to fulfill your vision! 


Selecting a design experience is as easy as abc!

a. Changing the height or color of an existing orbit piece
     $0 design fee

b. Same basic orbit idea but make it fit for me
     $20 design fee includes sketches and a 360 degree viewer for you to
     play with your orbit modifications

c. Your own vision via the orbit process
     $30 initial design fee, sketches, 360 viewer and 15 minutes of design consultation       via chat, phone or zoom *(design fee adjusts depending on your needs)


If you are in the Design Trade, a B2b, or have a fun project on your radar...please contact us directly at: