what is a kit?

     a kit is a curated combination of orbit pieces like surfaces, leg-sets and accessories; that when assembled become orbit furniture...desks, tables, benches and stools!


how long will my order take to make?

  most orbit furniture kits are made just for you when you order them. typically, we require 3-7 business days to produce, finish and prep your furniture kit/parts for shipping. unfortunately, like many businesses, we are experiencing material and supplier challenges due to the pandemic. even so, orbit endeavors to complete every purchase with the utmost care and consideration for our customers and our employees. 


how does shipping work?

currently orbit will continue to ship via UPS because it has been the quickest and most efficient package service during the pandemic. should you require additional information on other shipping arrangements please contact us via email.     info@orbitanywhere.com



how do I contact customer service?

     simply email us at info@orbitanywhere.com and we will make every effort to respond within the same business day. requests after 6pm cst. will involve 'next business day' status. 


does orbit work with interior designers, architects, etc.?

     yes, orbit furniture is available for 'trade relations' and works closely with many business case uses such as education, hospitality, co-working, and design companies. feel free to contact customer service at  info@orbitanywhere.com    and we will reach out to you.